Susie’s Story

Susie got in touch with Healthier Me to help her shift 10kg after the birth of her second child.  Initially Susie purchased one month of health coaching to see what it was all about.

Following the initial phone call with Susie, her health coach emailed her a personality profile to complete. Once it was emailed back her health coach begin devising a plan of attack so that Susie could start getting rid of those extra kilos.

In her first appointment, Susie and her dietitian coach set some initial goals around cooking healthy meals at home and getting to the gym, they spoke about starting with bite-sized, achievable goals and focused on time management strategies to make it happen. They decided that a full nutrition review would be helpful; Susie kept a food diary for one week to increase her awareness around her eating habits and emailed it to her dietitian coach for review.

In the second appointment Susie and her dietitian coach reviewed how her progress was tracking, she was doing well with the gym so she decided to increase to an extra session. Her nutrition still needed some work; they spoke through her food dairy together and created a personalised meal plan for the following week. From here, Susie could continue solo with the skills she had learnt, but decided that the ongoing advice and encouragement from her coach would be beneficial so she purchased an additional 3-months of coaching.

With fortnightly appointments to help keep her motivated and ongoing updates to her personalised eating plan, Susie lost the weight and is feeling great. Most importantly she feels she has lost the weight in a sustainable way, she has adjusted her thinking around food and exercise and has strategies to keep the weight off long term.